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Flex It Rent Partner Program

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Flex IT Rent Partner Program Levels

Flex IT Rent Partner Program Bronze

Benefits from day 1 with bronze

Bronze level enables new partners to start their rental business with Flex IT Rent, and existing partners to further develop their business.

Flex IT Rent Partner Program Silver

Contribute more with silver

Silver level partners can provide industry-leading rental solutions to their customers, and are committed to their business with Flex IT Rent at a very high level.

Flex IT Rent Partner Program Gold

Enrich more with

The Gold level is the highest achievement level within the program. Our golden partners receive the heighest level of recognition, engagement and support.

What are the benefits?

Flex IT Rent Partner Program Benefits

  • Exclusive Partnership

    The Plus level is an “add-on” to the Bronze, Silver or Gold level and will be awarded to any partner who is dedicated to work exclusively with Flex IT Rent as stock provider. Support of this added level includes financial marketing support and stock buy-back programs (ITAD).

The Flex IT Circular Partner Program

The Flex IT Rent Partner Program provides partners with an opportunity to benefit a certain level of support by meeting specified program requirements. Benefits will vary depending on the partner achievement levels. As a member of the Flex IT Rent Partner Program, you will find a role at the level of commitment right for your business. No matter which level you are, you can rely on the expertise of Flex IT Rent such as sales and marketing support, technical services and financial support that ensures your business of a solid margin

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