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Does your company have to deal with a situation where there is no Wi-Fi or fixed internet connection? Then Flex IT Rent can provide you with temporary internet. We offer highly reliable options, such as top-quality dongles, data cards, or internet boxes of well-established brands. An internet box is suitable for 1 to 10 users. This allows you to work wireless and fast. Renting temporary internet is the ideal solution when you need to be mobile on the streets, for instance when conducting surveys. The dongles and internet boxes are tested before use. This will ensure that you have a stable internet connection wherever you are. Are you not sure what would be the best solution for your purpose? Then please contact us.

Renting is sustainable

Contribute to a circular economy

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New premium brand quality hardware

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Temporary internet rental

Are you hosting an event where you need wireless and mobile internet? At Flex IT Rent you can rent temporary internet to start working without any worries. You are guaranteed the lowest price. You can rent mobile internet for 1 to 110 devices at the same time. For as long as you need. Do you want to set up a complete wireless network? Then we can also help you do that.