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Modern education starts with reliable hardware


Rent laptops, computers, and smart devices for educational purposes. All devices can be pre-installed with the necessary educational software and applications. We also provide on-site delivery and support if necessary. Contact us today for a quote or more information.

Selected products for educational purposes


The reliability of Flex IT Rent

✓ Proven experience: Years of working with schools and universities throughout Europe has given us a unique understanding of the needs and wants within the educational landscape.

✓ Customization:  In addition to renting, our service also allows us to pre-install software, or make laptops fully prepared for exams. We also install corporate imaging if needed.

✓ Extensive reach: From local primary schools to international universities, we serve a wide spectrum of establishments.

Our services for schools and universities

1. IT hardware for the school year: During the academic year, we equip classes with iPads, laptops and other IT hardware if needed. This includes assignments on iPads, tests on computers and interactive virtual reality lessons.

2. IT hardware for open days: An open day is an educational institution’s day to showcase their school. To ensure that these days run smoothly and professionally, we supply everything from laptops to tablets to inform potential students interactively.

3. Laptops for exams: Exams are crucial moments for both students and educational institutions. We specialise in supplying laptops specifically for these periods. We make sure that the right software settings are on the laptop, install or block applications and provide on-site support.

Optimal learning with IT hardware

In education, technology plays an invaluable role. The right digital tools can make all the difference in the way pupils and students absorb and process information.

Rent laptops for education: Modern teaching methods require flexible and powerful laptops. Digital tests, online lessons, or interactive projects; our selection guarantees a match to your specific needs.

Rent tablets for education: Interactive learning comes to life with our tablets. Perfect for digital reading materials, illustrations, and group projects.

Rent computers for education: For specialised subjects, our computers are the ideal choice. Equipped with the latest software and hardware, they are ready for any educational challenge.

Our products

✓ Tablets: Various models and brands available, suitable for interactive learning.

✓ Laptops: Different models and specifications available, optimised for educational applications or exams.

✓ Computers: From compact computers to powerful workstations, we offer various IT solutions for your educational needs.

✓ Virtual Reality: Take learning to a new level with immersive VR experiences; ideal for interactive lessons and realistic simulations.

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