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The reliability and efficiency of IT hardware is a crucial part of film production. From the pre-production work to the shooting period, IT hardware needs to perform well. With Flex IT Rent, you get access to the latest laptops, tablets, smartphones, and many other products that are ready for the unique challenges of film production.


Featured products for film production


Lenovo Thinkpad E15 G4
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HP Z1 G9 Tower
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iPhone 15 Pro Max
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HP E27 G4 27''
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The reliability of Flex IT Rent

✓ Specific solutions: Whether it comes to large productions or smaller film projects, Flex IT Rent provides IT hardware for your exact needs.

✓ Flexible rental terms: Rental terms that range from one day to several months. With us, you can also easily extend or shorten the rental period based on your needs.

✓ Years of experience: With years of expertise in the film industry, we understand that there are unique requirements and problems that we can help with. This makes us your reliable partner for any project.

Wide reach: Our logistics in the Netherlands is perfectly aligned with our capacity to also serve several European countries, providing a unique balance of local and international delivery capabilities.

Our products

✓ Laptops: Writing scripts, detailed production planning, or video editing. Our laptops will deliver consistent performance. Rent laptops for film productions to ensure your creative process is uninterrupted. We offer various brands and models to suit your specific needs.

✓ Computers & Workstations: Computers for tasks such as video editing, graphic design, and 3D rendering. Our computers and workstations ensure you can handle any project without problems.

✓ Monitors: A good monitor is essential for editing, colour correction, or during movie production. We have different sizes and brands available for any production process.

✓ Phones: Stay connected on, and off the set. From the latest models to budget models; also usable as movie props. Rent a phone for film production to maintain seamless communication or as a camera for smaller projects.

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