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Carefree IT hardware rental for every business occasion


During elections, precision, speed, reliability, flexibility, and support are all crucial elements. If you’re seeking a reliable, experienced partner who excels in all these areas, Flex IT Rent is the ideal choice for you. Rent different tablets, laptops, and smartphones.



Festivals cannot operate without reliable technology. Multi-purpose tablets, phones for scanning, and accessories like iPad straps or tablet stands. Explore the different solutions and rent high-quality IT hardware to keep your festival running smoothly.


Film Production

Producing a movie requires powerful technology behind the scenes for editing, VFX, and other production tasks. High-quality laptops, computers, and screens can be indispensable. Rent the best IT hardware for movie production at Flex IT Rent.


Virtual Reality

Create unique events with VR hardware from a variety of brands. Thanks to advanced synchronised playback technologies and our latest VR headsets we can make any experience unforgettable. From gaming to virtual training, a lot is possible with our VR solutions.

Game Events

In the fast-paced and competitive world of gaming and esports, top-quality IT hardware is a crucial element. In both large tournaments and small-scale gaming events, Flex IT Rent will guarantee reliable and high-performance gaming hardware.


Secondment requires flexible and temporary hardware solutions. Meet changing project demands without the permanent commitment of IT hardware. Flex IT Rent makes it easy to scale your projects up or down based on your specific needs.


Digital learning with the latest technology is not only more educational but also more fun. Pre-programmed laptops for exams, the latest virtual reality headsets, or tablets for an interactive lesson. The possibilities are endless.

Working from home

Hybrid working is the future. For an efficient home office, it is essential to choose the right IT hardware for employees to perform at their best.  Discover the advantages of renting IT hardware for flexible home offices.

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Meet the future

Renting IT hardware is a great option for any occasion. Flex IT Rent’s solutions offer numerous advantages and conveniences:

  • Organize impressive events with the newest technology.
  • Experience the technology of virtual reality, powerful gaming computers, and the latest Apple products.
  • Let us do the work, order IT hardware that has pre-installed software and applications, including corporate imaging if needed.
  • Pay only for the period the IT hardware is needed.
  • Use the latest products on the market for just a fraction of the purchase price.

Experience all the benefits of renting IT hardware – a permanent solution for temporary needs.

Renting contributes to a circular economy

Renting IT hardware reduces the impact of ICT in the world. During production, many raw materials are used which are lost and end up as electronic waste (e-waste). Renting products and using them longer reduces the amount of e-waste. In addition, renting allows frequent upgrades to new devices without permanent acquisition and disposal of old equipment. Renting IT hardware is sustainable and contributes to a circular economy.

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