Workstation Rental

Flex IT Rent you can rent powerful workstations if you want to be assured of true performance if, for example, you need extra computing power for CAD software or rendering. Perhaps you need extra hardware in the office. Are you looking for a ‘more powerful’ PC'? Then a workstation rental is the best choice. Workstation rentals are often used in large networks with additional software so that you do not have to install all applications on the client PC. This facilitates IT management and you optimize the productivity of your system. Workstations also have a robust and strong construction. Our workstations recently been released and tested by our team. That is why you are assured or new, functioning workstations.

The lowest price guarantee, not the lowest price you can find?

We immediately match the price minus 10 %

Large stock, only premium brands

New premium brand quality hardware

Get started right away

Complete and pre-installed

Delivery within 24 hours possible

Fast delivery possible

Rent workstations

Rent workstations at Flex IT, because you always get the best possible deal available. The workstations can easily be expanded to give you your desired memory and a desired video card. You can rent the well-known HP workstations from us. You can also rent mobile workstations from us. Do you have any specific wishes, questions or simply need help during the rental period? Our support engineers are ready to support you!