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Renting VR is the perfect way to introduce your students to the world of educational VR. Employing VR or AR in education frees you from physical boundaries. It allows students to explore situations that would otherwise be impossible. Find out more about the applications of VR in education below and the benefits of renting or contact us immediately.

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Encourage creativity

Take a break from traditional learning by making it more interactive. In VR, students are more involved during classes. Encourage your students’ creativity by incorporating VR. Use powerful tools such as the Tilt Brush to give students an unlimited space to let loose their creativity. After they are done, they can walk around and explore their creations to their hearts’ content.

Experience life-threatening situations without risks

Take your biology classes to the next level by letting your students view anatomy in VR. The perfect solution for medical students to fully comprehend the human body by allowing each organ to be viewed in 3D. Have your students safely experience the weight of making split-second, life-or-death decisions otherwise impossible to recreate. Playing these scenarios in VR enables students to experience that boost of adrenaline written tests simply cannot prepare them for.

Enjoy field trips

Make geography and history lessons more fun by visiting and reliving historical sites without leaving the school. Field trips are a staple of education, but unfortunately, are difficult to realize on most budgets. With Virtual Reality your students can experience historical sites from the comfort of their school. Let them enjoy the best the world has to offer with Google Expeditions. Visit the Taj Mahal, Colosseum and more iconic structures.

Stimulate the circular economy

Renting is not only cost-effective, it also stimulates a circular economy. Every year millions of tons of electronic equipment gets thrown out. In 2020, the European Commission expects e-waste to grow to more than 12 million tons. The production of IT hardware requires a lot of natural resources. By renting IT hardware instead of buying you help prevent the growth of e-waste by maximizing the use out of the hardware during their lifetime. Are laptops only needed during exam periods and wasting away the rest of the time? This decreases their lifespan and increases the amount of e-waste. Rent IT hardware when needed to help prevent this.

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