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Do you want to rent Apple brand hardware? Whether you need light office tasks or heavy applications for graphic design and DTP, our Apple hardware is extremely suitable any type of job and in terms of performance it blows other equipment out of the water thanks to its the modern processors. At Flex IT Rent you can rent all iMac models in 21.5 and 27 inches. You can also rent MacBooks ranging from 13 and 15 inches with and without touch. Need an Apple Mac Pro or a Mac Mini? We have a wide range of Apple hardware. Our Apple products find their way to many different companies every day. Whether these are needed for a temporary employee who needs an iMac for his work for 2 months or a project of only a week where 10 employees temporarily need a MacBook. Our Apple hardware has recently been released and well tested by our team. That is why you are assured of new, functioning Apple hardware.


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  • Apple iMac 21,5″ 4K i5-7400/16GB rental

    Apple-iMac-215_-4K-i5-7400_16GB rental
  • Apple iMac 27″ 5K 3.1GHz i5/8GB/256GB rental

    -Apple-iMac-27_-5K-3.1GHz-i5_8GB_256GB rental
  • Apple iMac 27″ 5K i5-6-Core/8GB/1TB rental

    Apple-iMac-27_-5K-i5-6-Core_8GB_1TB rental
  • Apple iMac 27″ 5K i5-6600/8GB/2TB rental

    Apple-iMac-27_-5K-i5-6600_8GB rental
  • Apple iPad Pro 2019 10.2″ rental

    Apple iPad 2019 10.2 inch rental
  • Apple iPad Pro WIFI 12.9″ rental

    Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ 2018 rental
  • iMac 27″ (2020) Ret 5K OC i7 8GB/512GB AiO rental

    iMac-27_-2020-Ret-5K-OC-i7-8GB_512GB-AiO rental
  • iPad Mini 5 rental

    Ipad Mini 5 rental
  • Macbook Pro 13″ 8C/i5/8GB/256GB rental

    Macbook-Pro-13_-8C_i5_8GB_256GB rental
  • MacBook Pro 13″ i5-5257U/8GB/128GB rental

    MacBook-Pro-13_-i5-5257U_8GB_128GB rental
  • MacBook Pro 13″ i5-5257U/8GB/256GB rental

    MacBook-Pro-13_-i5-5257U_8GB_256GB rental
  • MacBook Pro 13″ i5-6267U/8GB/256GB rental

    MacBook-Pro-13_-i5-6267U_8GB_256GB rental
  • MacBook Pro 13″ i5-7360U/8GB/128GB rental

    MacBook-Pro-13_-i5-7360U_8GB_128GB rental
  • Macbook Pro 13″ i5-8259U/8GB/256GB rental

    Macbook-Pro-13_-i5-8259U_8GB_256GB rental
  • MacBook Pro 13″ i7-2.3Ghz/ 16GB/512GB rental

    MacBook-Pro-13_-i7-2.3Ghz_-16GB_512GB rental
  • MacBook Pro 13″ i7-7660U/16GB/512GB rental

    MacBook-Pro-13_-i7-7660U_16GB_512GB rental
  • MacBook Pro 13″ M1-8C 256GB rental

    MacBook-Pro-13_-M1-8C-256GB rental
  • MacBook Pro 15.4″ 17M i7-7920HQ/Touch/16GB/1TB rental

    MacBook-Pro-15.4_-17M-i7-7920HQ_Touch_16GB_1TB rental
  • MacBook Pro 15″ i7-4770HQ/16GB/256GB rental

    MacBook-Pro-15_-i7-4770HQ_16GB_256GB rental
  • MacBook Pro 15″ i7-4770HQ/16GB/256GB rental

    MacBook-Pro-15_-i7-4770HQ_16GB_256GB rental

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    Apple rental?

    At Flex IT Rent you can rent Apple equipment at the lowest price. You can rent the latest hardware from us, but also rent older models. In addition, we are a flexible partner. You can always decide to rent your equipment longer or opt to buy. Choose from our large stock or allow our rental team to advise you. We are happy to help you and make sure that you can rent the desired Apple hardware.