Working digitally is practical and fun for your students. You might temporarily need (extra) hardware, such as for a lesson or exam materials. We help you with the best and most economical choice in your situation. Flex IT Rent has offered solutions for education for years.


Digital educational tools such as tablets and laptops or other IT tools are getting increasingly easy to use for lessons or exam materials. At Flex IT Rent, you can rent when you want to. With flexible long-term solutions, you are assured of low monthly expenses and reliable brands. If you want to rent regularly or want to know what to expect in advance, we can make fixed price agreements.


We determine the price upon request

We have been offering reliable and good equipment to our customers for years. Do you want to have certain software installed beforehand? We can take care of this for you, because we understand that you want to work easily. Flex IT Rent supplies hardware out of own stock from only the highest quality brands. Our hardware is stable, reliable, and offers you certainty. We are happy to advise you about the best choice in your situation. Our equipment is also tested and configured beforehand. Problems? We guarantee immediate support.


Do you need laptops for your employees or students? With a rental construction, you are always ensured of a recent model. Numbers can be easily scaled up or down. You will also get a replacement model if you have to replace a non-functional laptop, completely free.

Renting laptops for a school exam? We have more than 20 years of educational experience and know what you need. We place the rented laptops in the exam room and make agreements with you about the desired configuration. Because of our large stock, you are ensured that all your students have the exact same model, so no advantage or disadvantage for anyone! Renting laptops at market leader Flex IT Rent means carefree exams.

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