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Renting Meta Quests for events, training, workshops, or other business activities? At Flex IT Rent, you can easily rent various Meta Quest models without having to make large investments in equipment you will only use temporarily.

The various models in our assortment come with controllers that allow you to use various virtual reality applications. We ensure that each headset is tailored to the specific needs of your event and is delivered ready to use with the necessary applications or videos. This means you can start creating an unforgettable virtual reality experience for all your guests right away.

Renting is sustainable

Contribute to a circular economy

Large stock of premium brands

New premium brand quality hardware

Get started right away

Complete and pre-installed

Delivery within 24 hours possible

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  • Meta Quest 3 128GB

    Meta Quest 3 128GB
  • Meta Quest 2 128GB

    Meta Quest 2 128GB
  • Meta Quest Pro

    Meta Quest Pro
  • M2 Pro headband with battery for Quest 2

    M2 Pro headband with battery for Quest 2
  • Meta Quest 2 Fit pack

    Meta Quest 2 Fit pack

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    Guaranteed quality with every Meta Quests rental

    All the Meta Quest models we rent out are first thoroughly tested and cleaned with each rental period, ensuring that you are always guaranteed a high-quality virtual reality headset with every request. Flex IT Rent offers quality, speed, service, and always the lowest price guarantee.

    We do not only provide small-scale events with Meta Quest solutions but also facilitate large-scale events. Our flexible service and numbers ensure that any activity, regardless of size, can be equipped with the latest Meta Quest VR headsets.


    Discover our Meta Quest rental models:

    Rent Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2)

    – Enjoy complete freedom of movement without the hassle of cables for a truly immersive VR experience.
    – Access a wide selection of VR games and educational applications through the Meta Quest store.
    – Features an LCD with a resolution of 1832×1910 pixels per eye and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.
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    Rent Meta Quest 3

    – Even better hand and spatial tracking than its predecessor for an interactive VR experience.
    – Ergonomic adjustments make this headset more comfortable to wear, even over prolonged periods.
    – The Meta Quest 3 also has mixed reality, allowing you to choose between mixed or virtual reality.
    – Boasting a 2064×2208 pixels per eye LCD with a refresh rate of 120Hz.
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    Rent Meta Quest Pro

    – Equipped with the Snapdragon XR2 Plus chipset for faster, smoother, and improved graphics.
    – Offers mixed reality features comparable to the Meta Quest 3, designed with business needs in mind, including tools for remote collaboration, training, design visualization, and more.
    – The Meta Quest Pro features a resolution of 1800×1920 pixels per eye, with a refresh rate of 90Hz.
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    The benefits of renting a Meta Quest for business use

    1. The latest VR glasses without hefty investments: Renting a Meta Quest gives you access to the latest VR glasses without the need for a high purchase cost.

    2. Tailor-made solutions: Each Meta Quest you rent is carefully tailored to your activities, from smaller training sessions to large-scale events with hundreds of visitors.

    3. Leave an impression: Use the latest Meta Quest models to make a lasting impression on your target audience by letting them experience interactive presentations or applications.


    The versatility of Meta Quests VR headsets for businesses

    The VR headsets from the publisher Meta (formerly Oculus) are known for their various features that can be used for different business activities. For instance, the headsets are known for:

    – Wireless design: One of the most popular features of the Meta Quest is its wireless design, offering users total freedom without the inconvenience of cables during VR experiences.
    – All-in-one system: The Meta Quest are standalone VR headsets, meaning they do not require any external computer or laptop to use VR applications. The power to use VR applications is built into the headset.
    – High resolution and refresh rate: The headsets released by Meta offer sharp resolutions and high refresh rates, crucial for realistic virtual reality experiences. This also minimises the effect of motion sickness and screen-door effect.
    – Extensive library: Meta offers users an extensive library of VR games and applications through the Meta Quest store. From gaming and education to fitness and social interaction.
    – Convenience: The design and user interface of the Meta Quest headsets are accessible to beginners, as well as experienced VR users. This is thanks to its ergonomic design but also the accurate tracking.


    Flex IT Rent carefree Meta Quest rental services

    ✓ Guaranteed lowest prices for the Meta Quest, including full installation
    ✓ Flexible rental terms and tailor-made solutions for your activities
    ✓ The possibility of technical support during your event
    ✓ Pre-installation of applications so you can get started right away
    ✓ Fast delivery within 24 hours in the Benelux, but also quick international delivery
    ✓ Support and advice from our experts