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Computer rental

Do you want to rent powerful Apple computers? Or do you prefer a stable HP computer? If you opt to rent computers, you do not have to invest in hardware where you are unsure whether it matches your needs in a year. We rent computers from the most reliable brands, HP & Dell. There is a reason that these are the most popular computer rental brands in the United Kingdom. Our HP and Apple computers come standard with OS and we install Microsoft Office for you on request. That way you have a PC that is suitable for all word processing, office, internet and e-mail applications. Do you want to rent computers for more graphic and intensive applications? Our rental computers can do that too. We can also offer your computer rental with the desired size monitor, from 19 to 27 inches. Our computers recently been released and thoroughly tested by our team. That is why you are assured of new, functioning computers. We can outfit any computer with extra memory or a graphics card.


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  • Microsoft Surface Studio 2 rental

    Microsoft Surface Studio Hire - Flex IT Rent
  • HP 800 G1 SFF rental

  • HP 800 G1 USDT rental

  • HP 800 G3 SFF rental

  • HP Z420 1 x 6-Core Workstation rental

  • HP Z440 1 x 4-Core Workstation rental

  • HP Z440 Workstation rental

  • HP Z620 1 x 6-Core Workstation rental

  • HP Z640 1 x 8-Core Workstation rental

  • HP Z640 2 x 6-Core Workstation rental

  • Microsoft Studio rental

  • HP Thin Client T620 2-Core rental

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    Rent a computer

    Renting a computer from our stock guarantees that rent a computer that can handle both heavier and lighter office applications. All equipment is tested by our technical department in advance. You are always guaranteed of new premium brand quality computers. Do you want to rent computers for normal office applications such as the Internet or for Office applications such as Word or Excel? Or perhaps you need a powerhouse with a fast processor that has to crunch heavy graphics applications or software applications? We have the right PC in stock for every task.