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More and more companies are smartening up. Often, renting instead of buying is smart. If you have a temporary need for extra capacity, use is more important than ownership. However, you want to be certain of good equipment and quality, and not spend more than you have to. That is why you can rent flexibly and at the lowest price at Flex IT Rent.


We offer products from the best brand to companies in various sectors and industries, even internationally. Because of our years of rental experience, we can offer excellent advice. Moreover, we can guarantee an interrupted period of use. Together with our experienced engineers, we can offer expert support to companies in all markets. We believe long-term, happy relationships are more important. That is why we are always flexible, and offer economic price agreements and packages to realise the most economical renting for your situation.


We are happy to take work out of your hands. If you choose Flex IT Rent, you can completely focus on your important activities. Our IT hardware is a means to an end. We have reliable equipment of the best quality and years of knowledge, and you can use our services and products carefree. We can always provide you with the required service and support. Moreover, we can offer you a customised proposal, so you will get what you need!

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