Rent Gear VR Glasses

Flex IT Rent now also rents out Gear VR Glasses. The comfortable design will make you forget that you are wearing it while playing the game. The strap keeps the glasses firmly in place. The device also has a foam rim that ensures that no light reaches the eyes. The large lens provides a 101 view. The stable and precise Head tracking ensures a smooth journey thanks to the built-in gyro sensor and accelerometer.

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Gear VR Glasses rental

Are you renting for a long period of time? Then there is no need to worry. The glasses will give you endless hours of fun thanks to the extensive choice of apps and games which can also be installed before delivery. Use the controller as a remote control to navigate in the VR world and interact with other players. All VR glasses can be supplied with controllers. You can also choose to rent an additional powerful laptop such as the MSI Gaming Laptop.